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SHek Boutique marks one-year anniversary

Posted on Friday, March 5, 2021 at 4:54 pm

It has been a year since SHek Botique and Spa opened its doors on Centralia’s 122? North Allen Street.

Selestia Angell at SHek Boutique.

Owner-operator Selestia Angell’s memories of the SHek’s first 365 days describe a business and personal rollercoaster.

“I’ve learned a couple things. I opened up March 1and three week’s later we were shut down,” Angell said, alternating between describing those exciting opening weeks and talking discussing SHek’s candle selection with a customer. “So I had to come up with a back up plan, which was starting the website. That taught me a lot of patience. Also curbside service. Curbside pickup was huge.  I received a lot of support from Centralia during the pandemic.”

She said it “was more of my five year goal to create my website… We have everything in the store on the website, which is nice because I can ship ou of state. I went to school in South Dakota, so I have a lot of support there, and local people that wanted to get out.”

She has no regrets about getting started and said for her, SHek is the result of a natural personal and professional progression.

“I’m more of a people person so I do like having my store-front…  I am a full-time hairdresser so I  have a  constant flow of traffic. I grew up in retail, selling clothes just down the street, at Angell’s Western Wear and More,” she said. “People kid me about it, but no I am not in competition with them.”

While the store is packed with wonderful and interesting clothing and lifestyle items, very little about it screams “western wear.”

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