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Steve Hahn: Enlisted to change his life, make a difference

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 7:11 am

Steve Hahn’s is a familiar face around Centralia. A firefighter and volunteer for civic causes when needed, Hahn is one of Centralia’s veterans.

He was recently prominent at the November 7 raising of Centralia’s Avenue of Flags, leading the nearly 100 volunteers in the opening prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Steve Hahn, Centralia veteran.

Hahn served his country as a combat mechanic for the U.S. Army and kept army vehicles rolling toward combat operations in the Middle East from October 2000 to 2004. Afterward he did a year with the US Army National Guard, then the Army Reserve in 2007 as a combat medic.

Before he started his all-expense paid tour of the Middle East, he spent seven months in Boot Camp at Fort Polk, Louisiana. That was where he earned his rank and certification as a heavy-wheel mechanic.

That led to two tours, working under fire in country, some working out of Kuwait’s Camp Doha.

His service also included the Iraqi Invasion.

The invasion, said, began with 28 days on a transport ship, maintaining the 19-ton Fox recon vehicles, used by the US part of the coalition to detect hazardous chemicals. “We had eight of those multi-million dollar vehicles in Kuwait by the time it was over,” he said.

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