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Story Time: A reminder

Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 9:21 am

The first weekend after Memorial Day, my hometown throws a party that unofficially kicks off the fair and festival season. On this weekend, the streets are blocked off and parking is offsite so over the years I’ve learned that when you go, you will have some walking to do.

Better have good shoes.

I use to wear just any shoes; cute was my only criteria. Work shoes with assorted heels in navy and taupe and black. Winter shoes were fashion boots with zippers, belts and buckles. In warmer weather, I had sandals with platform heels or flip flops with soles made of thin rubber. My athletic shoes were typically bought off the clearance rack; matter of fact, most all my shoes were bought on sale.

The cheaper the better.

One day, my feet began raging against the machine. They starting aching and arguing about my choice of shoes. Suddenly, my feet were demanding arches and cushiony insoles and memory foam to take me where I needed to go.

None of it on clearance.

Still, I paid attention. I stopped buying just any shoe and began seeking out the “right” shoe, (and the left one, too). I would try on a number of shoes in the store, walk around a bit to weed them out, then choose the cushiest one of all. I happily put them on only to find that after a couple of hours, my feet refused to walk a mile in those shoes.

Shoes that weren’t on sale.

So, when it is time for the hometown festival, I have to choose shoes wisely. I will be walking blocks to get there and the same to get back. In between, I will be waiting in line for funnel cakes, apple dumplings, shish-ka-bobs, and kettle corn. I might do a little street dancing, a little vendor shopping, a little carnival riding, game playing and picture taking.

My shoes need to keep up.

This year to kick off the festival season, I chose a reliable pair of last year’s sandals, ones I paid full price for. They are cushiony and sturdy and I remember them to be shoes I can put some miles on. Plus, they are cute.

Really, really cute.

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