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Story Time: Baby in the house

Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 11:03 am

By Lorry Myers

The first armload held a month-old baby asleep in a car seat, and a squealing toddler with a stuffed Miss Piggy in her arms. That precious cargo was followed by two diaper bags and two back packs both with wipes easily available at a moment’s notice. The third load was a baby bedside rocking sleeper, a black duffel bag and a Vera Bradley Weekender.

I lost track after that.

My daughter and her husband came from Kansas; my grandson’s first official visit to his grandmother’s. I feel like I keep necessary pieces of baby equipment at my house but somehow you need more; some of it, I don’t even know what it is. The baby world is a different place than it was when I raised my three children. I didn’t have a baby camera or a room monitor or a machine that makes baby formula. I didn’t have food in pouches or NASA car seats or a magical thing for babies called Gripe Water.

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

I know a few adults that might benefit from that.

Baby feeding and baby wearing and baby tummy time are now important information. And, you can demand feed or cluster feed or dream feed a baby, whatever that means. Now there is sound machines with white noise that fills the baby’s room along with curtains that black out the light. Talking about sleep schedules and sleep training and sleep calculations seem to always put me to sleep.

Baby business is serious business.

My children had bed times, but they slept with windows open and became used to the sounds of the night. I fed them on a schedule and that seemed to work but naps were not always at the same time of the day. Their grandparents gave them candy and sodas and my kids grew up thinking that was something special, not something forbidden.

What kind of mother was I?

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