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Story Time: Business skills

Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 1:13 pm

By Lorry Myers:

I was the new girl at a new job so I did whatever was ask of me. On this day when the other women in the bank went to lunch, they left me with one task to do.

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

Put up the Christmas tree.

I wanted my new co-workers to believe that I could do anything so I didn’t tell them that all the Christmas trees in my life had been real; I’d never put up an artificial tree before.

How hard could it be?

The first thing I did was open the bulky box and search for directions which, of course, weren’t there. I pulled all the fake branches out and noticed a color band on the metal arm of each one. Surely that must mean something so I sorted all the branches by color until the lobby was covered in piles of greenery.

Now what?

With no directions, I clumsily pieced together the center pole, then stuck it haphazardly into the tree stand until the pole was straight. Without much thinking, I grabbed a branch from the shortest pile, wiggling and jiggling until the metal arm finally fit into one of the drilled holes on the bottom of the pole.


I hummed a little Christmas tune while I inserted row after row of green limbs. The tree was centered in a downtown storefront window and occasionally the people strolling by would stop and watch and I would smile and wave, focused on finishing my task.

The tree assembly was challenging but finally, I was left with a single color-coded branch with no place to stick it. I was standing there holding the thing in my hand when my two co-workers returned, stopping in their tracks in front of the window. They stared at the huge tree that I had assembled without help or instructions.

Proof I was an excellent employee.

The two women stood in front of the window open mouthed. I was certain the looks on their faces reflected their recognition that I was so efficient and had completed my task in record time. Sherry finally shook herself and said something Barb that I couldn’t hear.

Then, they started laughing.

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