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Story Time: Glitter

Posted on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 2:21 pm

By Lorry Myers

My husband could care less that it was Friday night. Randy had his face buried in his phone and appeared to be content to stay that way. So, I decided to shake off the week and fill up the tub, adding plenty of bubble bath to my water. My daughter knows that occasionally, I like to fill up my oversized tub, turn on my own music and have a long soak. With that in mind, Hilary gifted me with an assortment of bath bombs and fizz balls that you toss in the tub with you so you come out restful and

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

smelling good.

At least something good would happen on this Friday night.

When the tub was almost full, I adjusted the water and stepped inside, swishing it around with my foot to generate bigger bubbles. As I sank into the tub, I tossed in one of those bath bombs, a blue one called “Holiday Glitz”. I chose it because it seemed to practically glow in the clear wrapper and smelled, to me, like a walk on the beach.

Nothing like a Friday night in Missouri.

The water was still running so I swished it around the tub with my hands to distribute the bath bomb that was busy fizzing away. The more I swished, the bigger the bubbles in the bathtub grew.

Just the way I like them.

Finally, I turned off the water but continued to swish it around while the bomb was still bubbling. Then, I leaned back and lay my head on my blowup bath pillow, giving a long sigh. I smoothed the bubbles over my arms and around my shoulders and then slipped further down into the tub. The water had turned a shade of blue color and the room was smelling like a beach.

But, that’s not all.

The bubbles seemed to shimmer in the bathroom light and I remember thinking that perhaps the bath bomb did not fully dissolve. I tried to water the bubbles down but that just made them sparkle even more.

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