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Story Time: Lessons not taught

Posted on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 10:29 am

By Lorry Myers:

There are certain things my mother never taught me. If she had only stayed away from PTA meetings or skipped church on Sunday, she might have had more time. Maybe it was the six kids and the laundry pile that prevented her from teaching her children these things.

1.  Cursing.

Never once have I heard my mother say an inappropriate word to anyone. No cuss words, no name calling…nothing. She thinks the words you choose reflect who you are and how you were raised. Besides, “words like that add nothing to the conversation”. Mom never taught me to cuss.

2.  Rudeness.

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

Never once did my mother allow anything but good manners and gracious habits. I tried a couple of times: demanded instead of asking, interrupting instead of waiting, but I never got by with it. My mother offered apologies instead of excuses and sharp words of impatience were not included in her vocabulary. In our house, written thank you notes were required for almost everything. Mom never taught me to be rude.

3.  Disrespect.

Never once did my mother openly criticize my teachers, her co-workers, her boss, her husband or any elected official. “Judging others is not our job”, she says. Mom says if she is dissatisfied, she will work to change it or learn to accept it. She is respectful of every human being and believes in the goodness of her fellow man. Mom never taught me to disrespect.

4.  Self-doubt.

Never once has my mother allowed me to walk with my head down or shoulders slumped. She believes the way you walk through a door is the way you walk through life. “Straighten those shoulders, raise that chin, eyes up!” Were familiar sayings of hers. Mom never taught me to doubt myself.

The list of things my mother didn’t teach me is too long to cover. So, what was Mom doing all those years, anyway?

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