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Story Time: Love prints

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 4:52 pm

By Lorry Myers

A few years ago, I handed my husband a torn-out page from a home decor catalog. The page showed a living room with mirrors of every shape and size covering one wall. I told Randy I wanted to do that very thing above our couch. My plan was to search junk shops and flea markets and yard sales for unique mirrors that wouldn’t cost that much.

That’s what I told my husband anyway.

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

Finally, I had eight mirrors that were different shapes and different sizes. Before we put them up on the wall, my husband demanded I lay them down on the floor. Randy was only going to hammer eight nails one time so I had to get this right.

That’s when help arrived.

My friend, Marley, has all kinds of skills; she is full of creative ideas and brings a happy attitude wherever she goes. She loves a project and loves to boss me around and I knew she would be all over this.

Marley was four years old.

This little girl has been hanging out with me since the day she was born. She is bright and curious, well-spoken and well behaved…most of the time. We bake brownies and sing songs. We have dance parties and play make believe and walk the yard looking for treasures.

We do anything that Marley wants to do.

That night, I showed Marley my mirrors and explained that I needed to figure out how I wanted them to look on the wall without hanging them on the wall.

“Oh!” Marley exclaimed, clapping her hands. “This is going to be great fun.”

Marley thinks everything is great fun.

This four-year-old then suggested we lay a blanket on the floor, folded to the same size as the wall space where the mirrors would hang. That way, we could move the mirrors around until we found the perfect pattern to hang them on the wall.


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