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Story Time: One down, two to go

Posted on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 12:30 pm

By Lorry Myers

My husband informed our children that when they left home, they could only live six hours away. Randy believed that in an emergency, six hours was far enough. So, my daughters moved three hours away, fifteen minutes apart from each other, in Kansas, a place that does not appreciate my MU jacket. My son, who lives by his own rules, moved to Tennessee, six hours and thirty minutes away.

His father was not amused.

Since my husband’s passing in December, my children have kept the highway hot. I was a spoiled, pampered wife, and I am not sorry to admit it. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go and so far, I don’t think I’ve done too bad. I have not burned down the house, or blew up the car or killed the grass in the yard.

My children think it is a miracle.

Then, I woke one morning to two flat tires and was uncertain what to do. When my heat went out, when my car wouldn’t start, when my sink stopped up; I felt totally on my own. I have never changed a flat tire, never jumped a car, and never pulled anything out of a sink.

Lucky me.

Sadly, the world is now a different place and I have to figure it out. My son is now rethinking that six and a half hours drive, and my daughters want to regularly send me their husbands to do what I cannot. These children want to solve all my problems for me.

Like I am their responsibility.

Instead, I did what I know to do. I called the local tire place where Randy did business and told them I had a problem. I commented to a friend who sent her father-in-law over to jump my car, and I called a plumber who knew my name. I had my electrician friend help with new heating and a kind, caring neighbor mows my yard like it is his own.

My children were right, miracles are happening.

Each friend or business I called, never hesitated. They didn’t label me crazy or lazy or ask me questions I couldn’t answer. They just came and helped. My heat was on, my grass was mowed, my sink was working and my car was back on the road. None of this was a major disruption but just another bump in the road that I had to navigate. I know my limitations and my skills and so did my husband.

That is why I live here.

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