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Story Time: The Bunny Cake Bake-Off

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 10:37 am

By Lorry Myers:

This time of year, while other families are shopping for Easter outfits or coloring eggs, my crazy relatives are plotting and planning, taunting

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

and teasing. We are deep in battle, or rather batter, of the dreaded Bunny Cake Bake-Off.

Since my family is spread all over the country, a far-off cousin decided we needed a way to be together on Easter without being together so the Bunny Cake Bake-Off was declared. This annual event is not just a frivolous cake contest but a highly competitive bake-off with explicit rules that contestants have to follow or risk the humiliation of disqualification.

Believe me I know.

You can only use one cake mix, everything in it and on it must be edible, and there is a templet that suggests how to cut the cake to create a tie, ears, and face. Don’t even think about repeating a cake from prior years or have a cake professionally made. That will get you disqualified too.

Been there, done that.

Each bunny is then given a name that defines the story behind all the icing. Finally, each contest submission is posted on social media and the public votes for a cake they will never taste.

A winner based solely on beauty.

My art skills pretty much match my baking skills so even though I never win, I want to win! Each and every week before Easter, I find myself up to my elbows in frosting even though I know I will never win the coveted trophy we call “The Golden Bunny”, (which is basically an after Easter clearance decoration that was spray painted gold).

Who doesn’t want to win that?

So, every year I keep trying. One time I made “Playboy Bunny” which didn’t appear too playful. The next year, I planned a skeleton bunny. When the icing was too thin the cake started to crumble and the red icing literally bled into the white. I quickly changed my plan and ran the lawn mower tire over that waskley wabbit’s face and called it “Roadkill Bunny”.

Don’t judge me…again.

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