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Story Time: The life of a lazy laundress

Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 10:56 am

By Lorry Myers

I arrived home late, weary of a day loading and unloading my 500 lb. suitcase. I walked in the door, thankful to be there, and wheeled my new ultra-lite spinner that, suddenly, didn’t feel so light, straight down the hall and into my bedroom. I immediately unloaded it before I did anything else, simply to get it out of my way.

Most of it, was dirty laundry.

   The next morning, that dirty clothes basket felt as heavy as last night’s luggage when I carried it to my laundry room. I am not fussy about my laundry so dumped it all in together, set the dial to cold, extra-large, and left. Over the years I have learned laundry lessons the hard way. Red and white makes pink and some fuzzy pieces should never be washed with clingy pieces. I applied those lessons learned by buying clothing that doesn’t fade, pill, or wrinkle. As a result, I have become a “lazy laundress” who dumps it all in together and walks away.

Don’t judge me.

I went about my day, after a week away, until I remembered I was doing laundry. I went back and opened the washer, opened the dryer, and transferred the clothes, throwing in a non-cling dryer sheet. I spun the dryer dial to my usual heat setting, and left without a thought.

That’s how a lazy laundress works.

When the dryer buzzer went off, I opened the door and started pulling out clothes, hanging and folding along the way. Black pants, dark jeans and a blush-colored sweatshirt; that’s when something caught my eye. I laid the shirt flat on the dryer, confused by what I saw. This sweatshirt with matching blush-colored pants, is one of my favorites. But now, it was randomly covered in wine-colored marks, almost like strokes from small paintbrush.

Oh boy.

I pulled out the matching sweatpants; same thing. I grabbed a blue blouse; there it was again. Gray sweatpants, a white t-shirt; all of them had the same stains that weren’t there before I washed them. Finally, at the bottom of the dryer, I found the source of this disaster.

I told you; I am a lazy laundress.

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