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Story Time: The Scrabble tile

Posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at 10:08 am

By Lorry Myers

She opened the door and walked into her house stopping to listen after she set down her purse. There it was again, that sound. It seemed to grow louder each night and was the first sound she heard when she woke each morning.

The sound of silence.

My sister’s two children grew up and left home and then, her husband left, too. Sandy tried dating in the big City but finally decided it was not for her. Sadly, she was starting to accept that she might grow old alone. Sandy didn’t want to feel that way; she had a good job, caring friends, smart kids, and strong family ties but tonight, she felt alone. Later, when she turned off her light and lay her head down, something inside her broke.       

“Please.” Sandy prayed in the dark, her pillow catching her tears. “I don’t know how to do this. How will I know when I find the one that is meant for me?”

The next morning, Sandy felt foolish for her late-night tears and was distracted as she walked through the parking garage into work. Up ahead on the bare concrete floor, something caught her eye. Sandy stooped to pick up a small wooden square and recognized it immediately. As a board game pro, Sandy knew that she held a letter tile from the board game Scrabble.

That was odd.

Sandy looked around, searching for more tiles from a spilled board game box. Finding nothing else, she rubbed the smooth side of the letter tile and turned it over.

It was the letter “E”.

Well, she thought, making fun of herself, maybe this was her sign. Maybe this meant that she would need to wait for “Eric” or “Edward”, “Ernie” or “Ethan”. With a smile Sandy caught the elevator and slipped the letter E in the pocket of her purse.

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