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Story Time: Waiting for what comes next

Posted on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at 12:36 pm

By Lorry Myers

My mother has an early September birthday and she will be eighty-nine years old. Mom has lived through the world war and the cold war and the drug war. She managed to avoid polio, and whooping cough, measles and mumps when many of her young friends did not. Mom witnessed Pearl Harbor and race riots and a man walking on the moon. Bette Sewell lived with food rations, gas rations and fifty cent wages.

Now this.

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

Mom told me she has seen a lot in her life but she never expected this. She never expected the world to shut down and schools to close and people to lose their jobs. Of all the things she has lived through, she wonders why this has caused more chaos than polio and the swine flu put together.

Bette has never experienced a pandemic.

Still, my mother is busy these days. When I call her, she tells me she is doing the same thing she did the day before. When I go to see her, there is always a new book on her lap and another waiting on her table. Mom can’t do much of anything right now because she is so busy.

She is busy waiting.

Mom is waiting for her Saturday coffee group to start again. She is waiting for choir practice to resume and church to come back the way it was. She is waiting for the matinee at the movie theater to restart and restaurants to fully open. She is waiting to get her hair done without wearing a mask and to hug her friends when she sees them next. She is waiting for her family to post pictures on Facebook so she can see everyone. She is waiting to volunteer again, to have church dinners and baseball games and a festival in the street. She is waiting for the news to change, for people to be kinder and for politics to make sense.

She is waiting.

Mom is one of the fortunate ones as she still lives in her own house. So, she sits at home and waits for someone to come see her, or take her to get groceries and to pick up a prescription. She waits for the phone to ring, for the paper to arrive, for a certain TV show to come on.

Bette is pretty busy.

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