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Story Time: Winter woes

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at 12:17 pm

By Lorry Myers

At home, my car is sheltered in the garage, but during the day, it is parked on the street exposed to whatever weather blows my way. When the thick snow came through on Wednesday, by Thursday the roof of my car was covered in a hard layer of white.


Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

I can see it from my window.

Weeks ago, I hit a deer which forced me to go car shopping. Now, my new-to-me red car is all covered in white. Every time I got in; a thick layer of crusty snow taunted me from the roof. I cleared away the ice coating the bumpers and the grill, but it was inches thick on the roof and with the frigid temperatures, it wasn’t going anywhere. I don’t know why that annoyed me but it did and I told my husband just that.

Randy didn’t seem to get it.

“It will thaw, give it time,” is what he told me. “When the sun comes out and the temperature goes up, it will be gone in one day.”

Who knew when that would be?

So, I started scraping away at the roof on the passenger side. Every time, in or out, I would pick or peck pieces of ice. I didn’t want to take a scraper to the red paint, so I just worked away with my gloves, until that side of the roof was mostly clear.

“Why does that bother you?” Randy asked, “I just don’t get it.”

On Friday, we left town on a little road trip and I was feeling halfway better since the roof was halfway better. The day was still cold and still cloudy and the thaw my husband predicted was still too slow in coming. As we loaded the car, I felt unbalanced with the roof only half way cleared. One side was red while the other side was white and the whole world just felt off.

Something had to give.

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