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Sturgeon alderman talk about water contract, Mount Horeb money

Posted on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 3:21 pm

Sturgeon’s Board of aldermen held its monthly meeting by phone the afternoon of April 27.

Water district contracts, portable sheds and Mount Horeb Cemetery finances were among the items discussed.

All four aldermen attended, and over the phone, began the meeting with a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Sturgeon Board of Aldermen has cut the city staff's office hours.

The Sturgeon Board of Aldermen met by telephone this month.

Regarding the unanimously approved new contract with Public Water District 10: with the replatting of the Sterling Meadows subdivision, a new contract has been inked with Public Water District Number 10. Previously there were 11 lots be paid off $1,264 per lot. The replat created eight additional lots, making it 19 lots, which the city will have to pay $1,173 per lot to the water district,” said Jackie Rodgers, city attorney.

They also voted on the legality of exempting portable storage sheds from building permit requirements.

“Usually they are grandfathered in,” Alderman Zane Arends said.

“Shipping containers shall not be used a s a portable shed within city limits,” said Sturgeon Mayor Steve Crosswhite. “Semi-trailers, railroad cargo containers, cargo trailers cannot be used as portable sheds.”

The ordinance passed unanimously.

Chris Watson of the cemetery board asked the aldermen what the state of the city cemetery’s certificates of deposit. He said he was concerned “the city could go in there and take out the money any time they want… Are we going to take it out of this money management account and roll it into a CD?” Crosswhite said that was the plan and the city hoped to find a better rate for the cemetery, where by the various CDs and money market accounts could be combined into whatever CD has the best interest rate.

The board discussed four bids to repair approximately 600-feet of the city sewer system’s sewer lines. $31,167 from All Clear Plumbing, of Jefferson City.

On a different topic Crosswhite said “Socket still wants to bring high-speed internet to Sturgeon, but the need a little more interest, we still have that on the burner.”

Regarding living in travel trailers, the aldermen discussed how long people should be allowed to live in travel trailers while building a home or other types of construction. Sturgeon Planning and Zoning had recommended six months, a recommendation the aldermen decided to debate. They voted 4-0 to permit a builder on Patton Street a one-year stay in the trailer. Rodgers said he had been previously granted a variance.

But going forward Rodgers and Crosswhite said 90 days is the rule per an upcoming ordiance, with one renewal for an additional 90 days.

They started by discussing the city’ ordinance regarding outdoor burning of objectionable materials. “To promote the health, safety and general welfare of the residents and property owners of the City of Sturgeon; to limit and restrict the outdoor open burning of garbage, refuse and rubbish which may cause foul odors within the boundaries of the city; to prohibit all open burning upon public rights-of- way, and public property…” The aldermen unanimously passed it.

They also voted on the legality of exempting portable storage sheds from building permit requirements.

The aldermen also appointed Donna Tracy for an additional one year term as city clerk and reappointed Jackie Robinson as city attorney for one more year.