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Sturgeon aldermen approve Sterling Meadows final plat

Posted on Friday, May 29, 2020 at 6:52 am

Sturgeon Mayor, Steve Crosswhite, left, signs the final plat of the Sterling Meadows subdivision as P&Z Chairman Mike Jacoby watches.

An audience of seven sat in on the May 26 meeting of the Sturgeon Board of aldermen.

Among actions taken were:

Approval of the city budget.

Approval of the latest, final, plat of the Sterling Meadows subdivision on Sturgeon’s west side. “The roads have been accepted, the re-plat has been accepted,” Sturgeon Mayor Steve Crosswhite said after the unanimous vote.

Approval of Doug Ritchie’s request to perform a lot split at the corner of Rochford and McDowell. “I say we go for it, two houses are better than none,” said Alderman Zane Arends before the vote.

Crosswhite asked the aldermen if they thought if property owners should be responsible for mowing their ditches when they were part of city easements and rights of way. No action was taken. City attorney Jackie Rodgers said the city code said owners still had a duty to mow their property and could be ticketed if the grass grew over 12-inches. Crosswhite asked him to confirm the situation.

Crosswhite said they were still looking for an additional maintenance person.

Sturgeon Police Officer David Kelp asked the aldermen to consider July 4 fireworks times. Rodgers said he would draft a new, continuing ordinance which would allow for the same schedule as last year.

They also discussed the progress toward obtaining a Community Development Block Grant. Items included hiring Boone Central Title for property title research for the grant. Also, as required by the grant application, they passed a code of conduct policy for city employees and an excessive force prohibition resolution.

They voted to renew Perry’s Lawn Service with no adjustment to the previous fees.

Under the heading of planning and zoning, chairman Mike Jacoby said work was continuing on the medical marijuana ordinance and should have a draft to submit to the city attorney next month.

“We’re leaving up to people to use common sense,” said Recreation Center chair Johnny Robinson about COVID-19 precautions at the Sturgeon Recreation center. “We have disinfectant spray and paper towels out for people to use on the machines between uses and we are have locked up the basketballs.”

The also agreed advertise for sealed bids for the city lot at corner East Burks and South Hicks.

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