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Sturgeon aldermen discuss surveillance cameras

Posted on Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 6:36 am

Development, rock, police duties, surveillance cameras and a circus were

Sturgeon Police Officer David Kelb discussing setting up surveillance cameras to monitor parts of Sturgeon.

all on tap during the Sturgeon board of aldermen’s October 28 meeting. They kicked off the meeting with a public hearing regarding approving plats for Sterling Kelly’s development adjacent to the Sturgeon Fairgrounds.

An audience of 14 listened and the four aldermen discussed radii of cul-de-sacs and other development minutia. They accepted the final plat of Sterling Meadows re-subdivison of lots one and three. Alderman Janice Butler voted against the development.

They also voted on pricing tractor buckets of rock. Aldermen Zane Arends spoke against voting to raise the price of the rock they sell to residents, by the tractor-bucket, every time the city had to pay a higher price. The requested Jackie Rogers, city attorney to research an ordinance which would remove the requirement for the city to pass an ordinance every time they raise their gravel price.

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