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Sturgeon aldermen elect Ashley Long mayor

Posted on Friday, April 29, 2022 at 9:13 am

Truesdell, Day, sworn in as aldermen

An audience of 11 sat for the April 25 meeting of the Sturgeon Board of Aldermen.

They started with a discussion of a proposed, pre-platted subdivision at the intersection of North Fairgrounds and West Francis Streets.

“They’re pre-platted lots, they are already there, they are already platted, can they start building,” Mike Jacoby asked the aldermen. That included he said city right-of-ways. “Can an individual actually start building on city property,” he asked referring to platted city rights-of-ways.

“I think they can build in accordance with that plat,” City Attorney Jackie Rodgers said. “Afterward, they can dedicate those rights of ways to the city.”

Jacoby said none of the streets and utilities were installed and asked what the next step should be. “What direction do we need to go? They have the land and want to get started as soon as possible.”

Sturgeon Mayor Ashley Long

Rodgers said a “developer’s agreement,” needed to be created to ensure the city would accept the right of way dedications later.

The proposed development has 128, 40- by 120-foot lots, Jacoby said. The developer is Jesse Bailey of Bailey-Kelly Properties.

“Where are you getting your sewer at,” Zane Arends asked from the audience.

Jacoby said either from Wentz street or from a lift station.

Arends said such plans would be important for the city infrastructure committee to review.

Ashley Long, mayor pro-tem, said she was concerned with the number of driveways opening onto West Frances St.

The development would include at least two internal hard-surface roads constructed by the developer.

“I don’t want any battles. I want it to go smooth, I want to be a total team player,” Bailey said

Sturgeon Alderman Seth Truesdell being sworn in by Sturgeon City Clerk Donna Tracy.

Under P&Z, Jacoby asked that they discuss parking plans for Sturgeon Residential Care, during the aldermen’s May meeting. He also said the city sign ordinance needs to be reviewed and simplified in the future.

Speaking for the Rec Center Johnny Robinson said they are hiring Courtney Decker as an evening monitor and are also replacing on of the building’s air conditioners. He said they were also changing the weekend rental policies to six-hour blocks, effective this July. They will also, Robinson said, increase the rental fees.

In reviewing the monthly expenditures and finances, Alderman Steve Crosswhite mentioned the city had collected a little more than $21,000 so far this year through its use tax.

Long wanted to know who was asking questions about the police department.

She also wanted to know about the police tax and if they could stop collecting it. Rodgers said it could be spent for “police purposes. He also said the city could cease collecting it and put it back before the voters when they hired a police officer.

Crosswhite said the city had collected $31,811 so far this year via the police tax.

Sturgeon Alderman David Day being sworn in by Sturgeon City Clerk Donna Tracy.

“What are we going to do with the vehicles, the equipment, the evidence, the files,” if we get rid of the tax. We need to have discussion about this,” Jacoby said. “The council needs to discuss, make a decision what are we doing here. I would like to get it out and here discussion.”

Crosswhite asked if they should have a public hearing.

Long said she did not want to get rid of anything now, but to revisit the issue in three months.

“t’s like a damn race track up here,” one audience member said regarding the city’s traffic situation and a discussion of  purchasing automated speed monitors for some of the streets.

In other business Crosswhite said there were openings on the park board, cemetery board and the board of adjustments, and other boards.

They also certified and approved the April 5 election results unanimously approved 3-0 Seth Truesdell received 107 votes, and David Day – 68  were sworn in as aldermen at large. Candidate Danny Joiner received 54.

Crosswhite nominated Trues dell at mayor pro-tem. Truesdell declined. “I respectfully decline, I don’t have time for that, it would not be fair to the city.” Day nominated Arends, who was not eligible due to not being on the board.

Crosswhite was voted in as mayor pro-tem.

He then requested nominations to fill the remaining one year term for mayor Janice Butler nominated Long as mayor. Long said she would accept, she was unanimously voted in as mayor.

They also appointed Donna Tracy as city clerk and Rodgers as city attorney.

Crosswhite also asked the board hear a presentation on the Sunshine Law in the future.