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Sturgeon aldermen hear about potential tax break for seniors

Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2024 at 7:43 pm

County Commissioner Thompson discusses SB 190

Taxes were on people’s minds as Janet Thompson addressed the eight-member audience during the Jan 22 meeting of the Sturgeon City Council.

Thompson, Northern Boone County Commissioner, was there to discuss Missouri Senate Bill 190, which could freeze property taxes on homesteads owned by eligible taxpayers.

The legislature promulgated SB 190 in the 2023 session, and it can be made effective in counties in two ways:  The legislation authorizes a County Commission to adopt the policy without a vote of the people or the issue can be placed on the ballot for voters to make that decision.  Thompson noted that an effort has been ongoing in Boone County to place this on the ballot, and signatures have been collected in support of that effort.

Boone County Commissioner Janet Thompson recently discussed SB 190 with Sturgeon’s Board of Aldermen. Fireside Guard file photo

Thompson noted that SB 190 will have a direct effect on the services that local taxing jurisdictions provide.  School systems could be adversely affected,,,

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