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Sturgeon aldermen make everybody pay

Posted on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 2:46 pm

While they do not yet have the bill, Sturgeon’s Board of Aldermen have voted that all budgets and departments will pay for the recent city audit conducted by the Missouri State Auditor’s office in regards to misappropriated funds.

Sturgeon Mayor Steve Crosswhite, center, consulting with Sturgeon City Clerk Donna Tracy, left, and City Attorney Jackie Rodgers.

This, according to city documents, include the Mount Horeb Cemetery fund, from which the state auditor’s office said Sturgeon’s aldermen originally misappropriated the funds in the first place.

During their January 27 meeting, Steve Crosswhite said the board had not correctly followed the Missouri Open Meetings and Records Law, when, during a December 16 special meeting, they went into closed session to discuss how they would pay the auditor’s bill.

Crosswhite read the following from the closed meeting’s minutes.

• We will use the $16,500 from our 2019-30 budget to start the repayment of the audit.

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