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Sturgeon R-V posts summer school documents

Posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 6:51 am

2020 Sturgeon Summer School Information

Summer school 2020 is quickly approaching.  Teachers are busy making final preparations to welcome back students since our school closed in March. The Sturgeon R-V School District is committed to making our schools as safe and secure as possible for our students, parents, and staff.  The District has been working closely with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and the Boone County Health Department in preparing our schools for re-opening.  Below you will find information regarding the 2020 Sturgeon Summer School program. Please keep in mind that during the Covid-19 pandemic the below is subject to change pending guidance and recommendations from the local and state agencies. If you have any questions about summer school, please contact Jeff Carr by email at jcarr@sturgeon.k12.mo.us or by phone at 573-687-3515. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate this ever changing landscape.

General Information:

    • Summer school for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade will run from July 20 – August 14, Monday through Friday
    • Doors will open at 7:30am, classes officially begin at 8:00am and school will dismiss at 3pm. 
    • All classes will be held at the K-8 building.
    • Transportation is being provided
    • All students and staff will be screened per DESE and Health Department guidelines prior to entering the school building.
    • No parent, guardian, or other visitors will be allowed in the building unless it is an emergency.
    • Breakfast and lunch will be served to all students up to age 18 years of age free of charge during summer school due to the Seamless Summer Grant from the Department of Health and Senior services.  Students will be eating breakfast and lunch in their home classroom. The cafeteria will not be used as a common eating area.  Breakfast and lunch will be pre-plated and delivered to each classroom. Students may bring their own lunch; however, students will not have access to a microwave so please plan accordingly.


  • Summer school is open to those students who pre-registered in June.  Students who did not pre-register that are wishing to attend summer school may contact the Middle School office and will be put on a waiting list.  Additional enrollment will be on a space available basis.



  • During summer school we will be using the Cohort model for each class.  Students will be interacting with only the students in their class.  Students will not be interacting with other students outside of their class during Physical Education, recess, or activity time.  Each cohort (class) will have designated times for restroom breaks, hallway passing, recess, dismissal, etc… so that not more than one class is in the same hallway at a time.
  • Students will not be allowed entry into the school buildings until 7:30am and after completion of a health screening. During summer school multiple entry points will be used in the morning to limit congestion and aid in screening students before entering the building.  Students in K-3 grade who do not ride the bus will use the Elementary entrance.  Students in 4th-8th grade who do not ride the bus will use the Middle School entrance.  Students who ride the bus will use the north Gym entrance (normal bus loading/unloading zone).
  • All students will be visually inspected daily for signs and symptoms of illness and exposure, including a temperature scan, as they enter the building.  The screening will include looking for the following symptoms and exposure: 
    • Fever or chills
    • Cough
    • Headache
    • Muscle aches
    • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • New runny nose or congestion
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Sore throat
    • Close contact with a person with Covid-19 in the last 14 days
  • Any student exhibiting symptoms and/ or signs of illness will be taken to a quarantine room for further observation/evaluation by the school nurse.  Parents will be contacted and be required to come pick up their child.
  • Parents and caregivers are encouraged to screen their child for the above signs and symptoms before sending them to school.  Please do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting any of the above.
  • Students with symptoms should not attend school and parents should consult their healthcare provider.  For students who are diagnosed with COVID-19, return to school is permissible when the student is at least 10 days from symptom onset, has had three days with no fever and has improving symptoms. Return to school for children with an alternate diagnosis will be at the discretion of their healthcare provider and/or the school nurse per school policy.
  • Students who become ill during the school day will be given a mask to wear and taken to the quarantine room for evaluation by the school nurse.  Parents will be contacted and required to come pick up their child.
  • All students upon entering the building will be required to use hand sanitizer and or wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before going to class.
  • Students will go directly to their classroom.  The gym and cafeteria will not be used as common gathering places.
  • Social distancing guidelines of 6 feet apart will be encouraged throughout the building.  In areas where the physical space does not allow for the 6 feet spacing of students, such as in some classrooms, students will be spaced out as far as possible and face the same direction.
  • Students will participate in Physical Education activities and Recess time inside and outside with their cohort.
  • Student face coverings are not required at this time.  Students will be allowed to wear cloth masks; however, the face coverings must be provided by the parent or guardian. Mask/shield care procedures must be taught at home. 
  • Students will be expected to participate in regular hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer.
  • Students will have an assigned seat in class and attendance/contact logs will be taken
  • There are no attendance incentives (gift cards) this year.  There will not be any daily prizes handed out at the end of the day like in past summers.  Individual classes may set up a reward system within their cohort group to aid in classroom management and achievement recognition.
  • Student supplies will be provided.  Each student will have their own personal set of class supplies. Class supplies are not to be shared between students. 
  • Water fountains will not be in use; however, the no-touch refillable water bottle stations will be open for students to refill water bottles. Students are encouraged to bring their own water in non-glass, spill resistant bottles to minimize the use and touching of water fountains. Water bottles will be provided to all students who do not have one. Students will be instructed and frequently reminded to not share water bottles and/or touch someone else’s water bottle.
  • During summer school all students are expected to follow all student policies outlined in the student handbook.
  • Student Discipline – All discipline policies outlined in the regular school year Student Handbook will be enforced during summer school.  Disruptive and inappropriate behaviors are unacceptable during summer school. Staff will make every effort to encourage and manage student behavior within the classroom; however, if a student violates the student code of conduct he/she will be sent to the office where the parent/guardian will be called and the situation discussed.  A first violation of the student discipline policy may result in dismissal from the remainder of summer school. A second violation of the student discipline policy will result in automatic dismissal from the remainder of summer school.


  • Student transportation will be provided
  • Due to limited student numbers Sturgeon will be running reduced school bus routes during summer school.  Below are tentative routes with approximate pickup and drop off times. Please allow +/- 5 minutes:
    • Bus #1 – County Line Road (CR 2990) – 6:45am/3:15pm, Bourbon Road (drop off only) – 3:20pm, Route F – 6:50am/3:25pm, Roy Barnes Road – 6:55am/3:30pm, Harper Road (drop off only) – 3:35pm, Ponderosa Road – 7:05am/3:45pm, Old Highway 63 S. – 7:15am/3:55pm, Canole Road (pick up only) – 7:20am, East Williams Road (drop off only) – 4:00pm
    • Bus #3 – Highway V – 6:45am/4:00pm, Locust Grove Road (pick up only) – 6:55am, Tucker School Road – 7:00-7:10am/3:30-3:40pm, Monroe Road (drop off only) – 3:30pm, Pine Brook Trailer park – 7:15am/3:20pm, East Hwy. CC (drop off only) – 3:15pm, Nana’s House – 7:20am/3:10pm
    • Bus #6 – Clark Park – 7:00am/3:20pm, County Road 2695 (drop off only) – 3:25pm, County Road 2950 (drop off only) – 3:30pm, County Road 2955 – 7:10am/3:35pm, County Road 2965 – 7:15am/3:45pm
  • Buses will be cleaned/sanitized between routes each day
  • Bus drivers will be screened before boarding the bus each day
  • Bus drivers will be encouraged to wear a mask whenever working in close proximity to students.
  • Buses will be filled based on student transportation needs, attempting to follow as much social distancing as possible.
  • Students will be loaded back to front and unloaded front to back.
  • Students will have assigned seating on the bus and a daily ridership log will be kept.
  • Students from the same family will sit together in the same seat or directly across from each other when possible.
  • At least one empty seat between family groups will be maintained.
  • There will not be any students sitting in the first few seats and/or closer than 6 feet of the driver.
  • Due to the challenges of maintaining 6 feet of social distancing on the school bus, it is recommended students riding the bus wear a mask/face covering when possible.
  • If a student becomes sick, begins to feel sick or begins to exhibit symptoms of being sick, the student will be given a mask to wear (if possible) and moved to the isolation area on the bus which is at least 6 feet away from the driver and any other passenger. School health and administration officials will be notified. Once the bus arrives at school student health officials will remove the student from the bus and escort the student to the Isolation room where they will be evaluated by the school nurse. School health officials will notify Parents of any student who is sick or exhibiting symptoms of being sick. Parents will be required to come to school and remove their student from school as soon as possible. In the event a sick student at school tests positive for Covid-19, the school’s Pandemic plan will be followed which includes notification of the Boone County Health Department.
  • Students are expected to follow the school bus rules at all times.  The school bus rules can be found in the student handbook. Students choosing not to follow the school bus rules will lose their bus riding privileges for the duration of summer school.


  • The school buildings will be cleaned on a frequent and regular basis.  High traffic areas such as restrooms will receive more frequent cleanings.
  • Additional custodial staff will be on site each day to ensure the building is cleaned and sanitized using approved cleaners and sanitizers.
  • CDC, EPA, and Health Department guidelines will be followed when cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be positioned by each entrance, each restroom, and by each classroom.
  • Shared recess equipment and/or physical education equipment will be cleaned and sanitized between each classroom/cohort’s use.  Class sets of playground equipment will be used as much as possible.
  • Signs will be posted in highly visible locations (e.g., school entrances, restrooms, hallways) that promote everyday protective measures (such as social distancing) and describe how to stop the spread of germs (such as by properly washing hands and properly wearing a cloth face covering).
  • All staff will be encouraged to wear a cloth face covering and/or other personal protective equipment whenever working in close proximity with students.
  • All staff and students will be screened before entering the building
  • Visitors, including parents, will not be allowed in the building unless there is an emergency.