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The gift of a trashcan

Posted on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 2:23 pm

By Lorry Myers

Cory is one of my dearest friends, even though she’s only four years old. I’ve known this little girl long before she was born. Her mommy was, and is, dearest friends with my daughter and since we live in the same town, Cory and her older sister, Marley, have been coming to my house since they were babies. We bake cookies or eat pizza or play make believe restaurant.

We have a good time.

Lorry Myers

Lorry Myers

Cory is a spunky, blue-eyed beauty who is a joy to be around. She is a tiny girl with a big personality and a smile that makes you want to do anything for her. She is respectfully outspoken and very aware of people’s feelings and sometimes, the littlest thing will hurt hers. Cory is always happy, always glad to see me and always likes to bring me things she makes or bakes.

I always like that too.

Last week, Cory was excited to come to my house because she knew it was my birthday. She and her sister had created sweet birthday cards and Cory made a grand show of presenting me with a cupcake smothered in icing and covered with sprinkles.

This little girl knows me well.

Of course, my curious four-year-old friend wanted to know all about my birthday. What did I do, did I have cake and what did my husband give me? What about candles…did I already blow them out and did I remember to make a wish?

Cory asked all of this in one big breath while she hopped up and down and clapped her hands. When her questions finally ran out, I said, “Let me show you what Randy gave me.” She eagerly followed me into the other room and there it was, my birthday present.

A shiny new trashcan.

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