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Unofficial Centralia, Hallsville and Sturgeon election results

Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 9:34 pm

Centralia, Hallsville school funding propositions pass, three incumbents stay on school boards

This includes the final, unofficial results from Audrain, Boone and Monre Counties 44 of 44 Boone County precincts reported
Proposition A for Centralia Schools has 952 votes for and 276 against.

Veteran Thompson poll worker Lena Dollens displaying one of the 112 stickers she handed out to Thompson’s voters Tuesday.

Brian Bostick won the Centralia school board race with 777 votes Dwain Shelton received 740 votes, followed by and Jacob Heimer with 710.

That puts Bostick and Shelton on  the R-VI board.
It is important to break out the county-by-county vote on the Centralia R-VI School board race
In Boone County, Bostick had 616 votes
Heimer had  529 votes and Shelton had 520 votes.
The Audrain and Monroe County votes pushed Shelton ahead of Heimer.
In Audrain County Shelton received 211 votes, Heimer received 173 and Bostick, 161.
In Monroe County, Shelton received nine votes to Heimer’s eight and Bostick’s zero.
Centralia R-VI’s Prop A received 291 yes votes in Audrain County and 60 no votes. In Monroe County it received 7 yes votes and two no votes.
In other elections, Hallsville’s Prop. B has 876 yes votes and 282 no votes.
In their school board race, incumbent Bryan Wildenhain led with 556 votes, Shaunna Turner got 549 to Lori Wheeler’ 422, and Ben Dawson’s 340. That puts Wildenhain and Turner on the R-IV board
In the Sturgeon School board race, incumbent Ben Pollock led Tuesday night with 188 votes to Ken Ladyman’s 145. Jill Halliburton has 142. and Patrick Schultz, 45. Write-in candidate Dean Jones has 216 for the unexpired term. Pollock, Ladyman and Jones appear to be the winners. •As of April 6 the Randolph County results are in: Pollock received 35 votes, Ladyman – 34, Halliburton – 32 and Schultz – 11. In the unexpired term race, Jone got 53.
Unofficially the Sturgeon R-V School Board race concludes with Pollock at 223 votes, Ladyman – 179, Halliburton – 174 and Schultz – 56.
In Hallsville’s mayoral race, Logan Carter finished with 203 Carl South had 53 votes, and Trynton Roberts 25
Ryan Johnson finished the Ward I race with 62 votes to Stephen McLane’s 57,
Tony Lindsay finished the Ward II race with 75 votes, Krisan Lewis got 69 votes
In the Sturgeon aldermen’s race; Seth Truesdell, with 107 votes and David Day with 68 votes appear to be the city’s new aldermen.
•Also in from Randolph County – the results of the Clark municipal election are in; Homer Colley has returned as mayor, brought in by 39 votes with six for a write-in candidate. Peggy Ashbaugh won the collector’s office, also with 39 votes versus five write-ins. Harold Cable and Lacey McKenzie are the winners of the aldermen contest. McKenzie had 28 votes, Cab;e – 25. Michael Stephens lost with 23 votes.
Editor’s note, this article will be updated as more information becomes available.