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Wanted: Centralia gardeners

Posted on Friday, July 10, 2020 at 6:38 am

There is approximately 1,200 square feet of fertile topsoil in Centralia that needs just two things, seeds and gardeners.

The Centralia Public Library’s community garden project is tiled and awaiting planting.

“Pete Brooks tilled it this year and he did a great job,” Amy Hopkins, Centralia Public Library director said. “We’ve got 12, 10- by 10-foot plots waiting for people to come and plant their gardens.”

Those plots are no limited to vegetables, she said. “A few years ago, we had a lady who filled hers with flowers. I know I’ve got a pack of sunflower seeds I want to bring from home to plant.”

People getting their gardens in at the Centralia Library Community Garden.

People getting their gardens in at the Centralia Library Community Garden during its first year.

The library also has hoes and other gardening tools people can borrow to work their gardens she said, and the dirt is ready to nourish nutritious fresh veggies, she said.

“I know the ground is fertile because a few years ago my husband and I planted green beans and butter beans back there and they grew great.”

She said former library director Jack Meyer started the project in 2017 and she hoped to continue it, though weather conditions have made the last two summers challenging for the garden.

“This year it just took a long time for the ground to be dry enough to till,” Hopkins said.

It is not too late to start some plants, she said.

Besides tomatoes, there are other garden vegetables that it is not too late to plant in the library’s community garden she said, such as lettuce, beats, green beans and butter beans, as well as a few peppers.

It serves a purpose for people she Hopkins said.

“We know not everybody has the yard-space to spare for growing a garden,’ she said, “and not everybody as the time or wherewithal for tilling and hoeing. We supply the rakes and hoes and all that stuff.”

The library also supplies the water, she said.

Those interested, just need to supply the seeds and the elbow grease.

For more information, contact the Centralia Public Library at 682-2036.