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Celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank

14 ways to express your love on February 14th…or any day!Screen shot 2016-02-11 at 11.44.10 AM

1. Dining out: Eating out can get expensive and restaurants can get crowded. Set up an indoor picnic on the living room floor. A couple roses and candy complete the atmosphere of the day.

2. Time in a bottle: Give your loved one a full day to do whatever they want with no interruptions. Go along with him to his golf game or with her to a couples painting event.

3. Surprises: Guys, cook for your gal, write her a romantic note. Ladies: Watch his favorite movie for once, offer to give him a back massage.

4. New adventures: Do something that you’ve always talked about but never got around to doing. Go to the zoo without the kids or renovate the bathroom. Check things off of your couples’ bucket list.

5. Culture up: Go to a museum or foreign film. Read a romantic book or poetry to each other.

6. Let her sleep late, serve her breakfast in bed and give her the day off from her chores.

7. Let him watch his favorite game, provide his favorite snacks.

8. Get techy: Find a new online game that you both can play. Sky’s the limit…from solitaire to Words with Friends to backgammon.

9. Sweets for your sweet: Bake cookies, dip strawberries into chocolate. Most everyone loves chocolate at Valentine’s day.

10. Treasure of love: Did you purchase a gift? Don’t just hand it over…send each other on a treasure hunt to find the gift.

11. Start the day with love: Make it an all day affair. From a romantic breakfast in bed to making your favorite sandwich then on to your favorite restaurant. Flowers, candy or a small gift make the day complete.

12. Work together: Build something, clean out something, tear down something. Working together to complete a goal is a great achievement.

13. Coupons: Sure they’re cheezy, but make the effort to actually DO the items you have offered in the coupon book.

14. Share the love: Spend time with the kids, go out with friends. Know someone who is alone? Set aside some time to share a meal, go on an outing, or swap recipes or gossip. It can cost virtually nothing, and you’ll likely gain a lot more than you give.